21+ Awesome Windows 10 Tips and Tricks you should Try Today!


Yet another Windows Guide/Tips. I love tips and tricks, do you?

If yes, then let us learn some amazing Windows 10 tips and tricks.

Windows 10 brings a lot of amazing user-friendly features like Cortana, Edge, an updated Start menu and a lot more but that’s not all.

There are some really great “hidden” or rather say “unknown” features that Microsoft hasn’t really talked about nor promoted. But I’ll do 🙂

Along with the hidden features, there are some really cool tricks that let you customize & tweak Windows 10 according to your preferences. These “tips and tricks let you make the most of Windows 10 to get the best experience” my tagline 😉

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Note: Before proceeding further, save this page or bookmark it for later. It will be helpful for you and also make sure to try at least 5 to 10 tricks so that my efforts don’t get wasted. Just kidding 🙂 it’s up to you…

So, Without any more chit chat, here goes the list of Secret Windows 10 tricks for you.

Best Windows 10 Tips and Tricks + Hidden Features


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Note: Some of the Windows 10 tricks involve manipulations in Registry Editor and Group Policy Editor, which might halt your system if you make the wrong changes. So, be careful and create a backup of the registry and a restore point on your PC. In case things go wrong, check out this guide to fix registry errors with ease!

1. Using WiFi Sense to share your WiFi network with your contacts

WiFi Sense lets you share your WiFi network with your friends and family without even giving them the password. It’s a handy Windows Phone feature that has made its way to Windows 10.


It is hidden away in Settings->Network & Internet->WiFi->Manage WiFi Settings. It automatically shares your WiFi network with the contacts you choose. 

WiFi Sense will only share your WiFi network to contacts that have a Windows device. I guess it’s a very useful Windows 10 tip for every Wifi user. Isn’t it?

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2. Use Windows 10 New Keyboard Shortcuts

As Windows 10 is the upgraded version of Windows, a lot of keyboard shortcuts have been retained from the previous version, but certain new shortcuts that are specific to Windows 10, are listed here. Not the whole list, only a few 😎

  1. Windows + A: Brings up the Action Center
  2. Windows + C: Brings up Cortana Assistant
  3. Windows + I: Brings up the settings menu
  4. Windows + L: Lock the desktop
  5. Windows + M: Minimize everything. Show desktop
  6. Windows + Ctrl + D: Adds new Desktop
  7. Windows + Ctrl + left arrow/right arrow: Switch Between Desktops
  8. And many more that will cover some other day 😌

3. “Find Out” which app is eating up more space with Windows 10 Storage Sense


4. Press Windows Key + PrintScreen and Screenshots will automatically get saved in your PC

This is a very useful one. Once you hit Windows Key + Printscreen Key the screenshot of your current open window gets automatically saved in pictures/screenshots folder. Try it Right Now!

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5. Leave your Mouse and Use Fingers: In-built Mac-like Feature (Touchpad)

I truly love this feature and that’s the reason I have listed no 5 on my windows 10 tips and tricks list. I’m sure, you’ll also love this feature once you use it.

Microsoft has taken a page out of Apple’s book and introduced a lot of Mac-like gestures in Windows 10, which really enhances the Windows experience. Have you checked this feature before?

I guess, No. Anyways, Here’s a full list of gestures that you use:

  • Scroll: You can scroll through pages and windows by placing two fingers on the touchpad and sliding them accordingly.
  • Pinch to Zoom: Pinch to zoom has always been available and it’s supported in Windows 10.
  • Right-click: You can right-click in Windows 10 by simply tapping with two fingers.
  • Show open windows: To see the windows that are open, simply put three fingers on the trackpad and swipe outwards (as the GIF shows).
  • Show Desktop: To see the desktop, place three fingers on the touchpad and slide inwards.
  • Switch between windows: You can switch between different open windows by just placing three fingers and swiping right or left.


To use all the Windows 10 gestures, you will need a precision touchpad. To check if you have a precision touchpad or not, go to “Settings” in the Start menu, then click “Devices” and then go to “Mouse & touchpad”. If you have a precision touchpad, you will see a “You have a precision touchpad” text and if your PC doesn’t have it, you won’t see it 😐

6. Hiding “Secret” Folder Completely By Command Prompt 💪

In order to hide a folder, first of all, browse to the location in which the folder is residing or rather say resting.

Now, do a Shift + Right Click and click on the “open command prompt window here”


Now, once you get in the black coding type of zone known as command prompt (CMD) type this command:

attrib +s +h "Folder name"

As soon as you hit enter, your folder will be completely hidden. No one can see this hidden folder. Worried about how to get it back?

Here’s how to Show your folder back…

Open that blackish interface again (CMD) as mentioned above and type the command provided below.

attrib -s -h "Folder name"

7. Better Multitasking: Open items with Shortcut Keys

We know that Everyone likes to do multitasking, so let me share a better multitasking trick. Let’s say, you are working on the 3rd tab and wanna open the 5th item on Taskbar.

All you need to do is just press Windows key + 5 and so on. You can also use the Windows + Tab feature but for me, this one is more useful and hence I have listed down in my 21+ Awesome Windows 10 Tips and Tricks List.

Use “Windows Key + Item Number”

8. Spy on your Child’s Online Activity and Get detailed Email Report

You really want to keep your child safe, right? For this, you’ll need to create a child account on your Windows PC. Go to your Microsoft account and make sure this is turned on. You can spy on your child’s activity and can get a detailed report weekly.


9. Disable Access to USB ports, so that No One Can Steal data through USB from your PC

If you want to protect your data so that no one can take it out from your PC via a pen drive, then here are steps to block USB ports. You can re-enable whenever you want.

1. In Search box type "RUN". You can also press Windows key + R.
2. Now, type "regedit" to open Registry Editor.
3. Once it's open, Browse to the follwoing location given in next step...
4. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\usbstor
5. In the right area, double click on Start.
6. In the Value Data box, change the value to 4.
7. Finally Click on OK.
8. Close Registry Editor and restart your PC.
9. To re-enable the access to your USB ports, just "Enter 3 in the Value Data box" (Step 6)

10. Pressing Windows + Arrow Keys Maximizes or Minimizes Videos

  • Window+UP = Maximize window
  • Window+DOWN = Minimize window
  • Window+LEFT = Set the window to the left half of your screen
  • Window+RIGHT = Set the window to the right half of your screen

11. You can Read Web pages “Distractions Free” with Reading View in Microsoft Edge

If you are like me who loves to surf the internet and read articles, etc and often get distracted by ads or annoying popups, then you must use this “Reading view” feature that Microsoft Edge already has.

Though Google and other advertising companies may feel bad for this action. All you need to do is press Ctrl + Shift + R or click on this option.


12. Want Hidden Tools? Just Search these in Windows 10 “Search box”

  • Reliability Monitor: With this single tool you can view your PC problems history.
  • Resource Monitor: Analyze your system performance
  • Performance Monitor: Use it to find resource eating culprit processes
  • netplwiz: Opens the Advanced User Accounts window.
  • lusrmgr.msc: Opens the Local Users and Groups Manager.
  • gpedit.msc: Group Policy Editor.
  • MRT: This tool helps you in cleaning some of the most popular malicious software from your Windows computer.
  • ncpa.cpl: To access all your Network Adapters, you can use this Run command.
  • powercfg.cpl: Power Options.
  • appwiz.cpl: Access the Programs and Features window to uninstall your installed programs.
  • devmgmt.msc: Windows Device Manager to manage all your hardware devices.
  • sysdm.cpl: Access the System Properties window.
  • firewall.cpl: Manage or configure your Windows firewall.
  • wuapp: Check, manage and configure all your Windows update settings.

13. A Keyboard Shortcut Key for opening any application

How often you open google chrome? Several times a day by double-clicking on it? Stop it and from now onwards use these amazing windows 10 tips and tricks.

Just right click on the application shortcut on your desktop and click on the properties. Now, head over to the shortcut tab and put the desired shortcut in the field as shown in the image.


14. Using your “Notepad as a Diary” with automatic time stamps

Woah! Note things with time and date. Just write .LOG at the top of your Notepad file in Capital letters. Now whenever you will open it and write your entries, time and date will be automatically get printed along with it.


15. Use “God Mode in Windows 10” to access all settings at one place

I guess most of you may know this. Anyways, just create a new folder and rename it with God.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and now you can access all settings in god mode by opening that newly created folder.


16. Enabling Item Checkboxes to “Easily Select and Delete files”

I guess most of you are using this #16 windows 10 tips and tricks. If in case, not, then just got to file explorer, just click view and check item checkboxes.


17. “Automatically Shutdown Windows 10” after the desired time

Just Suppose you are running a full pc scan (that takes a lot of time) or downloading some stuff online and for some reason, you have to leave your pc desk, so here’s what you can do in these situations. This is also one of my favorite windows 10 tips and tricks.

Press Windows Key + R to open Run and then type the code given below in run command box.

shutdown –s –t 600

Now you can be happy as your PC will automatically shut down after 600 seconds, i.e. 10 minutes. you can change 600 to whatever time you wish your pc to shut down.

Note:– To cancel this process just type shutdown -a.

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18. View Saved/Forgotten Wifi Passwords

First, go to the control panel, then network and internet. You’ll now see your available connections. Right-click on wifi network connection icon and select status.


Click on the option called Wireless Properties as shown in the image below.


Now, simply click on the “Show Characters” box in order to get your current password.


19. Declutter your Start Menu

Just go to Settings->Personalization->Start and uncheck everything and later add what you desire. It’s one of the easiest windows 10 tips and tricks.


20. Just Save your Powerpoint presentation in .PPS instead of .PPT, your file automatically starts in slideshow mode Once you open it.

21. If you save an Excel file as an .XLSB, it will compress the size by up to 75%

22. To quickly change the case (upper case / lower / sentence case) of text in Microsoft Word, select the phrase, then hit Shift + F3.

Well, that’s sit. I know some of you might say that,

Hey Kevin, we know all these tricks and also some of you may ask why the list is so short?

Here’s the answer…

It’s cool that you know about these Windows 10 tips and tricks nothing to do with that and the reason the list is short is that I have to test the other known tricks from my side before posting it on my site. Once I’ve got the working and some unique tricks, I’ll update this post.

Take note: I do legal & quality work only, so I won’t recommend any useless and untrusty type of tips, tricks, content, etc on my site)

I hope you will try some of these windows 10 tips and tricks and if you find this list amazing then please share it and also pin the image.

Also, if you have some of the (proven/working) tips and tricks, do share them with TechStudio reader.

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