The 3 word frank response from Joc Pederson to the MLB shift ban in 2023

Numerous new rules will be put in place for the MLB season of 2023. A pitch clock, shift prohibition, and bigger bases will be used to improve the game.

Joc Pederson, a top outfielder for the San Francisco Giants, is one of several athletes that welcomed the MLB shift restriction. 

Pederson was blunt about the adjustment, calling it "sucks" and supporting the rule modifications. Many athletes, including Joey Gallo, concur with the Giants outfielder. 

By bunting down the right-field line, Joc Pederson has successfully evaded shifting defences in the past. 

However, when defences change in ways that never happen at the lower levels of the sport, it can be rather unpleasant for hitters (at least not as frequently as they do in MLB).

MLB has made the decision to make alteration, even though the shift is simply a natural development of baseball in the age of statistics 

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