More Insights From Lana Rhoades About Which NBA Player Is Her Son's Father

Lana Rhoades has criticised the father of her child as many continue to speculate which NBA player is the father of her child.

Early in 2022, Milo, her son, was born. The influencer and former adult film star first announced her pregnancy back in June 2021.

after uploading a since-deleted photo of a sonogram next to some flowers with the caption: "This is the news." 

Fans still don't know who her son's father is or what his name is, though. Who is the baby's father, Lana Rhoades?

Although Rhoades has never publicly revealed Milo's paternity, several fans have made assumptions that it could be Mike Majlak, Tristan Thompson, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, or Rhoades' ex-boyfriend.

Until their breakup in February 2021, Majlak and Rhoades were in a committed relationship. Majlak has claimed that he is not the father.

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