Honk For Jesus Save Your Soul: Review

A movie was made from a short video, "Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul"  shows signs of the magnification process's strain; as far as premises go, feels a little light in terms of the collection plate. 

Sterling K. Brown and Regina Hall, who play the disgraced pastor and his wife who are urgently trying to make a comeback, have the major performances that make this dark comedy oddly watchable.

Priest Childs, are the claims truthful? The question is posed to Brown's Pastor Lee-Curtis Childs early on, but for the majority of the film, the intricacies of the controversy are purposely left unexplored.

The pastor's unwavering optimism and that of his wife Trinitie are evident as they attempt to reconstruct their once-vibrant Atlanta megachurch in anticipation of a triumphant reopening on Easter Sunday.

Although there are enough uncomfortable times that they regularly find themselves speaking directly to the unseen cameras,

the Childs have also asked a documentary crew to tag along, fly-on-the-wall style, as they go about the procedure, in what appears to be an act of arrogance.

It serves the purpose of forcing Brown and Hall to maintain smiles while tension simmers just beneath the manicured surface as they watch their empire slip away.

However, writer-director Adamma Ebo, who produced the movie alongside her twin sister Adanne, the stars, Daniel Kaluuya, and Jordan Peele, might have done without it in this format.

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