First Coinbase investor says crypto is useless and should be shut down

The 34-year-old Liron Shapira made $6 million from a $10,000 investment in Coinbase. Shapira recently described cryptocurrencies as "essentially useless" in an interview with Insider.

and said it "should all be shut down" - which is perfect for someone who previously stole millions. 

Given the current status of cryptocurrency, Shapira's viewpoint isn't wholly incorrect. He now aspires to become "the Michael Burry of crypto," referencing to the investment manager who predicted the global financial crisis in 2008.

Shapira invested in Coinbase early on in 2012, but he sold his stock in 2021, well before the exchange's demise this year. Since then, he has vocally criticised the location.

He told Insider, "Twitter users accuse me of harbouring resentment over cryptocurrency." It stinks, but I secured the luggage, not 'He missed the ship.'

Shapira has used his public profile to attack crypto targets, such when he branded Axie Infinity a "Ponzi scam" on Twitter. 

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