Drivers warned of penalties for fuel-saving method

The Highway Code describes coasting as operating the vehicle in neutral or with the clutch depressed. Drivers are cautioned against using this tactic since it reduces their driving control.

Eliminating engine braking when coasting may boost downhill speed. The footbrake's effectiveness could diminish through overuse.

She towed her neighbor's car after he kept using her parking spot.

A building with "extra fee" parking spaces was where the couple relocated. They payed for a spot, but a neighbour parked there instead.

Using improper vehicle control might get you a £1,000 fine or get you disqualified. Driving a bus, coach, or HGV carries a £2,500 fine.

Drivers are warned against causing auto damage. Brake wear is a result of constant coasting. The engine brakes disengage in neutral, placing more reliance on the mechanical brakes.

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