10 VS CODE Extensions WEB DEVELOPERs must Have


1. Live server

Launches a local development server with a live reload feature both for static and dynamic pages.

- by Ritwick Dey

2.auto rename tag

Auto Rename Tag automatically renames closing tag of that you change. It removes the need to change your tag names twice. 

- by Jun Han

3.materal icon

It adds icons to your folders and files. This will save you a little time when finding some file in a large repository. 

- by Phillip Kief

4. path      intellisense

Importing code from other files is what everyone does on a daily basis. You type the name of file in statements & it will search & give you suggestions. 

- by Christian Kohler

5.Todo highlight

Everyone writes todo's as comment in code & forget. TODO Highlight makes them stand out much more, so nothing to forget.

- by Wayou Liu


It fixes formatting issues in your code, like fixing the mix of single & double-quotes or an irregular use of semicolons.  So keeping code style consistent.  

- by Prettier

7.color highlight

Anyone loving writing CSS? This is for you.  This  extension highlights the web colors in your code editor.

- by Sergii N

8.import cost

This extension will display inline in the editor the size of the imported package. This helps to avoid issues by tracking the size of added dependencies.  

- by Wix


Great for understanding code better, so you can learn who, why, & when code was changed. It also allows you to explore history & evolution of a codebase. 

- by GitKraken


Take beautiful screenshots of your code in VS Code! 

- by adpke