Want to Know More About me? These 51+ Random facts are all you need…


A list of over 51 random facts about me. (In case if you don’t know who I am, read here)

At first, I thought it would be a waste of time to share these facts, but when I realized it’s my blog & I can be personal, so why should I? Just kidding…

It’s just for those who are interested in knowing more about me, If you have landed here, then you may become my friend in next 10 minutes 😀

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I seriously don’t know if they’re interesting or not. But I’ve just listed (almost) all random things that I know about myself. Here you go…

Random Facts About Me

1) I was born in 1999

2) I love my name (I guess it’s because of English Cricketer Kevin Peitersen)

3) I’m from Indiana, but I’m living in Mumbai, India from past few years

4) I used to watch Ben10 when I was a kid 😀

5) I was good in studies (only a few subjects) but never had a true interest in completing higher studies (I often decided to drop out but I didn’t because of my mom)

6) I’m someone who makes a lot of mistakes. Earlier, I didn’t accept them but after growing up, one of the best things I did was, I started accepting it which made things simple and feels good in my heart.

7) I’m a shy guy & because of that, you won’t find any picture of me on the whole web, not on my social profiles as well. (Except the above one). Even though I know it’s not a good idea, but I do have some reasons why I don’t share pictures of me. Nothing is going to change my opinion on this.

8) I’m always attracted to girls (hot & cute both) but never had the courage to speak to those cute girls and still, I’m single. On the flip side, no girl has dated me either. (Not a big problem as I think if I had any GF, it would be difficult for me to give her time & leave my PC). For me, the time I spend with my PC is more important (at least nowadays)

9) Did I mention anything about my PC? I have custom-built PC & a Lappi (not for gaming) on which I generally do my work, learn new things, etc…

10) Back in 2018-19, I had destroyed multiple laptops (yes, completely destroyed, not because they were of no use, it’s because of my anger)

11) Wait, did I mentioned, I do get angry. Oh yes, but rarely. (Look at my innocent face, do you think it’s my nature 😉)

12) I rarely watch TV shows and new movies now, also, I have recently cleared my Movies folder from “E Drive”

13) I hate media channels and I don’t pay a single penny for their subscription

14) I always try to surround myself in a positive environment, therefore, I have very few friends (I hate negativity & those who spread it)

15) I spend 7 to 8 hours on my PC every single day (mostly working or reading other blogs)

16) I have read more blogs than any self-development books 😜

17) I do some home workouts to stay fit (yes, by watching Youtube videos as it seems useless to hit the GYM every single day)

18) I don’t follow trends although I’m a big fan of Google Trends

19) I don’t play any sports now. Earlier, I used to play football & basketball. But as I’m in India, the craze for sport “Cricket” has shocked me and I have watched 3 IPL Cricket Matches in Wankhede Stadium (by the way, it was a great memory)

20) When it comes to coffee vs tea, I take what feels at the moment (I’m moody) Even though I know green tea is a better option, I can’t stop myself from having it. Because I’m in India, tea has become my favorite. Don’t know why, but it actually tastes awesome 😀

21) I love digital products more than physical products

22) I like to work in a minimal environment while listening to soft background music (I prefer listening to BGM’s more than songs by popular artists) I use Noisli chrome extension

23) I was a porn addict but finally, after getting into self-development acts, practicing different-different things, I have quitted it (not fully but yes, I don’t get too many urges like before)

24) Did I mention, I’m an honest person? Oh Yes, I’m & that’s the only reason the point no.23 is listed otherwise no one shares that.

25) I often watch motivational & inspiring videos & also listen to speeches, to keep myself on the track & don’t get into acts that make me feel guilty (I hope you got it)

26) I’m a workaholic & organized. if I don’t have work to do on my to-list, I think something is wrong & also get disturbed at times. I try to plan things before, but always have some issues with executing them at the right time.

27) I love the simplicity and prefer easy things over tough ones & that’s one of the reasons I never tried to learn code (expect CSS)

28) I try to act smart even though I know I’m not 😜

29) I hate losing and am competitive in things that matter to me. But sadly, there are very few things that matter to me and above all, I keep peace of mind, that’s why never had issues even when I loose (rarely)

30) I’m at peace when I’m alone (mostly)

31) I’m an introvert, which sometimes surprises people. I’m still rather quiet and reserved in real life.

32) I’m a really nosey and curious character at heart so I often ask personal questions to people that I scarcely know. More often than not, they answer them. On the flip side, I rarely reveal personal details about myself in discussions unless explicitly asked.

33) I have 10+ gmail accounts (I guess you too)

34) I always check my mail & respond to it. (If you doubt, then simply drop a mail at [email protected] or [email protected] & see you’ll get reply the next morning (I only reply to emails between 10:00 am to 10:45 am as it’s my fixed schedule)

35) I watched the super popular “Gangnam Style song” only after it hit almost a billion hits. Actually, I rarely like videos or pics or whatever that goes viral. Also, I usually avoid Youtube’s trending section. (See the top 25 Youtube channels I follow)

36) I have played Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Pokémon GO, but never got hooked & I don’t play them anymore.

37) Just like my personal life, I like to keep things organized in my PC & that’s why everything is perfectly organized in folders within a folder & so on…

38) Some call me a geek. Some call me a weirdo. Some call me psycho. Some call me shy (which I am) but no one calls me a blogger 😒 (Even though I have shared my blog with most of my friends)

39) The amount of social networks available in today’s day & age, truly overwhelms me but I actually hate them the way people use it (If I was not a blogger, I wouldn’t create a Facebook account)

40) I don’t have a favorite food. I love whatever comes in the dish. I do like pizza and ice cream, but there isn’t really anything that is like my absolute favorite. I constantly try different foods, but not a foodie either.

41) Emotionally, I don’t know where I stand because I overreact when there’s no real reason. And I may not react when there’s a real reason to do so. Even the so-called emotional scenes have no impact on me but when I look around, I find tears in most people. Don’t know why?

42) I believe in doing things for our soul & for real happiness, not for the world. Therefore, I hate all those ceremonies, parties, rituals, night outs, etc.. unless you do it for yourself and not to show-off or to please others. Here’s an awesome quote by John Spence…

“Be happy. Be yourself. If others don’t like it, then let them be. Happiness is a choice. Life isn’t about pleasing everybody.” ~ John Spence

43) I’m used to be a very good listener but now, if I get excited about the topic then you must expect frequent interruption. Sorry for that in advance 😀

44) I don’t have any favorite color but I like blue, orange and it’s shaded versions

45) I have subscribed to almost 100+ channels on Youtube. Out of which the 25 most followed channels are…

Top 25 Youtube Channels I follow (Frequently)

  1. Fearless Soul
  2. Anabolic Aliens
  3. Better than Yesterday
  4. Buddha’s Lounge
  5. Brian Dean
  6. Neil Patel
  7. Dan Lok
  8. Ferdy Korpershoek
  9. Fight Mediocrity
  10. Gaur Gopal Das
  11. Jay Shetty
  12. GoalCast
  13. Google Webmasters
  1. Graham Bensinger
  2. HDSounDI
  3. Improvement Pill
  4. Mindvalley
  5. Mr. Bean
  6. Nayyar Shaikh
  7. Premium Music HQ
  8. Project Life Mastery
  9. Sadhguru
  10. TipswithPunch
  11. Walter Bergmann
  12. Whitesand

46) I love CSS and designing (my whole blog is depicting that, I have designed it for better user experience)

47) My phone is in my hand 18/7 and but I never get scared or frustrated when someone peeps into it as I only have important files (work-related) and some background music along with fitness & inspiring videos

48) I have worked as a freelancer for a couple of months and had only 6 clients (but I earned $60 from each) now, it’s over.

49) My favorite font is Muli & Poppins. You don’t need to google them as on TechStudio, you’ll find those fonts only.

50) I think and overthink about almost everything. And I can easily spend countless hours doing nothing but thinking. (To save myself, I often take lessons from Spiritual gurus & try to relax)

51) I’m curious about almost everything that I know/wanna know. Actually, my curiosity is something that’s unsatisfied.

Wow, I have a few more to facts to share, so I won’t stop…

52) I never stop Googling things but I never google or read the news that’s related to politics. I hate politics & discussing it is what I truly hate

Here are a few articles, I recommend…

53) My English grades were horrible when I was at school, still, I struggle with it and therefore I use ProWritingAid Tool (This tool corrects the mistakes & enhances whatever I write online) Try it for Free!

54) I have many tech gadgets expect DSLR because I don’t like clicking pictures & especially selfies. I don’t have a single pic of me on my phone.

55) I love nature & sounds of nature

56) I have tried meditation for 3-4 times but never really felt inner peace (as the gurus preach) but I have succeeded in learning & practicing Pranayam & it gives me more clarity than meditation.

57) I registered my first domain on 7th July 2019 with my name in it (RK)

58) Ya I know Kevin Racicot is my name and the domain should contain KR, but it doesn’t suit with name TechStudio. (krtechstudio) – What’s this? Not good at all & hence I purchased (rktechstudio) domain which is better and easy to remember. But hey, Will you remember?

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59) I love sleeping but I sleep only for 5-6 hours a day (because I get up naturally)

60) I hate people who use adblockers (Yes, it’s one of the primary revenue sources for web owners, so I personally don’t use it and nor recommend it)

It’s exceptional on sites with tons of ads. (Don’t use on sites like TechStudio, where you’ll only see 3-4 ads) Come on! it’s acceptable and I do provide better UI than TechCrunch.

61) In 2020, I want to take up more hobbies. I have already started my blog & want to reach at least 10K visitors per month & help them as much as possible. Also, I want to give up some of my bad habits (not so bad) & try to develop myself physically as well as mentally. Growing TechStudio is my main goal, & if I do it, I’ll consider it a successful year.

There you go! 61 random things about me! I hope you guys feel like you know me a little better now. I never thought that I would share fun facts about me with such honesty (Yes, I actually mean it).

Now, it’s your turn. I did mention in fact no.32 that I’m curious to know about other people. So do me a favor…

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