ProWritingAid Review – Awesome Tool to Boost your Productivity (20% Discount Inside)

Want to be More Productive? Heard about ProWritingAid? If you answered “Yes” then my friend, you’ve landed right.

In this review post, I’ll discuss what is ProWritingAid, how it works & how to use it to the fullest & a lot more.


But before proceeding further, here’s an honest disclaimer…

Disclaimer: I want to tell you that the links which I’ve included in this post are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I’ll get a small commission if you purchase through my affiliate link. I would thank you in advance if you decide to buy service with the help of my affiliate link. I appreciate your help in supporting my online business. This will only enable me to serve you with more useful stuff.

Before diving deep, it makes even more sense to read this post if you’re a blogger, author, freelance writer, or copy editor because well-edited writing can boost your credibility, get you more sales or land the clients that pay you well. (And you can achieve well-edited writing with ProWritingAid)

You can always use free grammar tools like Grammarly (download free chrome extension) but today, I’ll be discussing another very promising editing tool called ProWritingAid.

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I often think about How do top performers in all fields get to be, well, top performers?

Is it because they have heaps of natural talent?

Sometimes, yes.

And What about loads of money?

I guess it’s occasional.

How about a lucky break?

It’s always here and there.

When we narrow our focus & analyze the top performers across all industries, we get one common thread between them every single one has a coach.

Coaches help people get to the top of their game. As third-party experts, coaches offer advice, feedback, and guidance so that we can achieve our goals & reach the heights. (By the way, I do have my blogging coach 😉)

Writers need coaches too!

Writing coaches help writers refine their work, whether that’s through editing grammar mistakes or making suggestions about how to smooth transitions between the sections.

Today, I’m going to walk you through the basics of this program and offer an exclusive discount on how to use it. So, let’s roll in…

What is ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is an online writing cum editing tool that monitors your spelling and grammar mistakes, provides style corrections, reports you about repeated words & clichés to name a few.

You can use ProWritingAid to edit your copy, detect plagiarism, magnify the writing style, and enhance your writing overall.

At first, ProWritingAid seems like it’s a specialized editing tool for authors and writers but after using it for a while, I got to know why it’s trusted by over 700,000 users that include authors, editors, freelance writers, professional bloggers (me too 😜) and students alike.


ProWritingAid acts like your grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor all in one package.

It’s like getting a personal writing assistant


Unlike other grammar checkers, ProWritingAid goes beyond simple spelling and comma checks to offer comprehensive in-depth reporting on several different aspects of writing, including (of course) spelling and grammar, transitions, overused words, diction, sticky sentences, pacing, and more.

Basic Overview of ProWritingAid

Who is ProWritingAid For?

Now you got to know about its basic functionality, so is it for you?

Let’s find out…

To be honest, its for every writer, irrespective of caliber or profession, you’ll benefit greatly from this awesome ProWritingAid tool.

Does this mean all students, authors, editors, bloggers, freelance writers (article, copywriting, academic, etc), and the like?


ProWritingAid Feature Overview

While everyone can’t hire professional editors for their work, ProWritingAid truly helps everyone produce stunning pieces of properly written content.

The professionals, students, freelance writers, bloggers, editors, should grab its paid version but anyone who uses chrome or want to look professional on the internet he/she must grab its free trial.

Using this tool, your productivity can be boosted.

Now that you know it’s for you, click here to grab its free trial or else see what platforms ProWritingAid supports…

What Platforms Does ProWritingAid Support?

You can use ProWritingAid on the following platforms:

Online Editor
macOS Software
Windows Software
Google Docs Extension
Microsoft Word Extension
Google Chrome Extension

You can use it as standalone software on your Windows or MacBook, else use it as a plugin or add-on for Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Google Chrome.

Now, you’ll be disappointed if you are thinking about Android. So sorry, android integration is not yet available.

Lastly, even using none of these plugins, you can always utilize their online editor on their official website.

How To Use ProWritingAid

UI (User Interface) & performance are the 2 most important factors that come into play even before you test the working ability or accuracy of any software. Right? In this section, we’ll discuss the user interface that it offers on various platforms…

What’s great about ProWritingAid is its ease of use across different platforms.

As we discussed above, ProWritingAid offers its advanced editorial services as an online editor, Desktop app, Word plug-in, Google Docs add-on, and Chrome extension.

Also, check out Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity.

In short, nearly everyone can work with ProWritingAid.

Also, ProWritingAid offers Free, Premium, & Premium plus plans. (We’ll discuss in the next section)

For now, let’s focus on the various variants of the tool.

1) Using ProWritingAid as an Online Editor

You can easily access ProWritingAid’s online editor by going to (Official Site)

From there, clicking on the “Editing Tool” will bring you to the documents page, where you can choose to upload a doc file from your computer, create a brand new document on the tool itself, or work with an existing file.

Once you’ve selected your file, you’ll be taken to the online editor. 

I tested with a doc file containing the text of around 1000+ words, and after uploading, it just took like a second or 2, to display the text it contained along with mistakes & errors as it automatically identified the errors within the content highlighting red, yellow and blue.


In the above image, can you see the menu bar that is filled with common yet deadly grammar mistakes-correctors like sticky sentences, dialogues, readability, etc?

Well, it’s just the basics. It offers a lot of features that you’ll get used to when you get the premium version.

I love the way it responds i.e fast & accurate. It detects the mistakes as soon as you throw in some pieces of content.

The interface of ProWritingAid’s online editor is simple yet powerful

But to be honest, the overall UI that you’ll get is a bit old-school. But I have no complaints as long as it gets my job done. Moreover, simplicity makes your work quicker & hence your productivity increases.

2) Using ProWritingAid on Desktop (Windows)

Let’s move on to its different platform i.e Desktop.

For Windows, Mac, and Scrivener users, ProWritingAid offers a downloadable desktop app that allows you to seamlessly and easily edit Scrivener, Open Office, Microsoft Word, Rich Text, and Markdown documents.

Installing the software was super easy, thanks to the easy-to-understand installer. (On-screen guide is enough to install the app)

After you launch it for the first time, it will ask you to enter your email ID and password that you signed up with. (If you haven’t signed up yet, then click here to signup for the free trial)

Here’s a snapshot of the Desktop version…


Just like the online editor, the Desktop app also allows you to run in-depth reporting on your work. Also, you can select features like autosave intervals to ensure you never lose your progress.

3) Using ProWritingAid in Microsoft Word (Add On)

The ProWritingAid Microsoft Word Add-in allows you to conveniently edit Word documents in Word itself.

You can change its default settings according to your preferences.


After you successfully install it, you can locate it under the add-ins section of Word. Here’s a snapshot…


Do Remember: The first time you try to do any check, it will ask for your ProWritingAid license code, enter it over there.

4) Using ProWritingAid in Google Docs

If you’re someone like me who spends hours and hours using Google docs, you should give this a try. The Google Docs Extension is almost a similar version of the Word Add-in. But, it offers a better user interface here.


Performance-wise, it was fast enough.

Lastly, you can manage & make changes to your Google Docs Add-on by going to Add-ons > ProWritingAid.


5) Using ProWritingAid’s Google Chrome Extension

ProWritingAid’s browser extension lets you edit everywhere you write online. It integrates with Gmail, Facebook, Reddit, WordPress, and many other websites including the comments section.


Can ProWritingAid Benefit You?

Short answer – Yes!

ProWritingAid is the only manuscript editing software that generates over 20+ reports on your writing (based on style, contextual spelling mistakes,  etc) and tracks your performance over time & with this feature, you can learn and improve your writing.

This tool not only helps you improve your writing but it also makes you a better writer.

Their module is Learn as you write.

The number of dimensions ProWritingAid app checks your writing for (mentioned above) is more than enough to help you spot writing errors, correct them (with the suggestions you get), and improve your writing effortlessly.

Overall, it will

  • Help you create better content
  • Increase your productivity
  • You’ll become a skilled writer (overtime)

The readability reports (along with Flesch Reading Score & statistical analysis) gives you an idea of how your writing quality is performing over the time – This is a great feature which lets you know whether you’re improving or not.

In today’s world where more and more writers are relying on editing and proofreading tools, ProWritingAid becomes a must-have in your content arsenal.

It can benefit you greatly only if you give it a try. Now, let’s check the plans…

ProWritingAid Free vs Premium vs Premium Plus

This is a very important section as you should have an idea before you go for any of the plans…

ProWritingAid offers three different packages. You can find a comparison of each version below:

ProWritingAid Free Plan

  • Summary report of key issues
  • Access to all other in-depth reports EXCEPT plagiarism
  • Edit 500 words at a time (Word count Limit)
  • Can only use the online editor

ProWritingAid Premium Plan

  • All features from the free version
  • No word count limit
  • Desktop version available
  • Integrations for: MS Word, Google Docs, Google Chrome, and Scrivener

ProWritingAid Premium Plus Plan

  • All features from the premium version
  • 50 plagiarism checks per year
  • Perfect for academics

Pros & Cons of ProWritingAid

While ProWritingAid is an extremely powerful tool with some awesome features, it does have its limitations as no person or tool is perfect.

This tool can get most of the things done and perhaps a little better when compared with its competitors.

Anyways, here are some pros and cons to consider when you think about purchasing ProWritingAid:


  • Acts more as a coach than a spellchecker
  • Offers the ability to check work for plagiarism
  • Easy to use & more importantly budget-friendly!
  • More in-depth reporting than any other grammar checker
  • Features more integrations and options for use than other popular grammar checkers
  • Lifetime deal which is a deal maker if you’re in the writing biz (because recurring payments are much costlier in the long run).


  • Only available in English at the moment
  • Looks like Old fashioned & number of reports may be over-whelming at times
  • Sometimes it lags when you throw vast documents (like 500 pages at once) to edit.

ProWritingAid Pricing & Discounts

ProWritingAid offers a free plan that provides you a summary of your writing errors and checks for 19 different flaws in your writing. However, you can use it online only with 500 words at a time to check & has few limitations.

So, if you have no problem with the limitations then you can Grab your Free Trial Here.

But if you have the budget go for premium ones as their premium versions are very promising (see features, pros-cons, above).

The Premium plan without plagiarism checker will cost you $79/year (don’t worry, I have discounts for you)

Here’s the pricing of the premium plan…

ProWritingAid Premium Plan
Original Price – Premium Plan

But if you want a plagiarism feature then you’ll need a premium plus plan. Here’s the pricing of the premium plus plan…

ProWritingAid Premium Plus plan pricing
Original Price – Premium Plus Plan

If you’re someone who solely belongs to the writing field then I would recommend you to go with the lifetime plan, it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

ProWritingAid Exclusive Discounts

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Here’s the discounted price…

ProWritingAid Discount on Premium plan
Discounted Price – Premium Plan

Pricing Table – Premium Plan

SROriginal Price (Premium)Discounted Price (Premium)Action
1$20/monthly subscriptionNo discount on monthly plansGrab the Deal
2$79 for yearly subscription$63 for yearly subscriptionGrab the Deal
3$299 – Lifetime$239 – LifetimeGrab the Deal

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ProWritingAid Discount on Premium Plus plan
Discounted Price – Premium plus plan

Pricing Table – Premium Plus Plan

SROriginal Price (Plus Plan)Discounted Price (Plus)Action
1$24/monthly subscriptionNo discount on monthly plansGrab the Deal
2$89 for yearly subscription$71 for yearly subscriptionGrab the Deal
3$399 – Lifetime$319 – LifetimeGrab the Deal

My Verdict: Is ProWritingAid Worth it?

Yes, ProWritingAid is definitely worth your investment.

With the pricing structure (I’m talking about a lifetime access option), the number of writing reports it generates and the platforms it supports (Google docs, Scrivener, etc), ProWritingAid is worth it.

If you ever wanted to have your personal writing coach, ProWritingAid makes it possible!


One of the best part about ProWritingAid is that you’ll learn a lot about your writing and common mistakes, as well as how you can fix them. Great. isn’t it?

If you’re still confused or not on a budget then you can try its free version & get the taste of it.

Have you used ProWritingAid or any similar software before? Let me know in the comments.

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Thank you!