Fix “Nvidia Installer Cannot Continue” Error in Windows 10 (8 Easy Methods)

Just got the “NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue” error in Windows 10?

Don’t worry. I have 8 Easy solutions to solve this error.

The dispute between Windows and NVIDIA Graphics Cards is very common nowadays. Isn’t it?

Almost every now and then, Windows users face issues with Graphics Cards by Nvidia & hence the Nvidia forum is full of queries.

You may have also encountered the Nvidia control panel missingerror in your Windows 10 pc if so, you can get some proven solutions here.

Apart from this error, while installing the NVIDIA Graphics card, you may get the “NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue” Error in Windows 10. Don’t Worry, there are solutions available to this problem.

Anyways, before starting with the causes & solutions, here’s some interesting data that might surprise you…

People in the United States search google for “Nvidia control panel missing” 10 times more than “Nvidia Installer cannot continue” query.

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Now you might ask: Hey Kevin, why are you showing me this data?

The reason is just for your general knowledge.

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Anyways, In the following Error fix tutorial, I will be demonstrating 8 easy methods to fix NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue error.

So make sure to try out these methods & remember this quote…

“Don’t be discouraged. It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock”

So with that positivity in the mind, let’s solve the error…

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Overview & Causes of “Nvidia Installer Cannot Continue” Error

Methods to Fix Nvidia Installer Cannot Continue

I know that you are not here for the causes, you are for the solutions, right? But for the sake of this tutorial, I have to mention it but respecting your time, here’s the causes in just a few lines…

This problem arises mainly because of

  • A corrupted graphic card driver
  • Outdated graphics driver
  • & some unknown random errors here and there

The straightforward solution to this error is to simply update the drivers and then try re-running the Nvidia installer. Right?

But there are a few more complications in installing the updated drivers. But worry not, I have listed 8 of the Best & Easiest solutions that you can apply right now to solve this “Nvidia installer cannot continue Windows 10 Error”.

So, let’s fix the issue…

Method 1: Check whether the Nvidia Graphics Card is Enabled or Disabled

This is the easiest & fastest way to solve this Nvidia Geforce experience installer cannot continue error.

There is a possibility that your Nvidia Graphics Card is disabled & hence you are getting such errors.

So it makes sense that I try this out first. Just follow these steps to check whether the Nvidia Graphics driver is enabled….

  1. Open Device Manager. Here are 3 ways to do it…
    1. Open Run box (Press Windows + R key together) and type “devmgmt.msc” (without quotes) and click OK to open Device Manager.
    2. Right-click on the Start button and select Device Manager
    3. Or else Press Windows + X keys simultaneously, and then from the list that appears, click on Device Manager.
  1. Look for Display Adapters in the list displayed and click on it to expand. In the expanded list, look for the NVIDIA Graphics Card driver.
  1. Right-click on it, and see if Enable option is visible in the right-click menu. If yes, that means your NVIDIA Graphics Driver is currently disabled. Simply click on Enable.
  1. Now close all windows and Restart your Windows.

After restarting, try to install NVIDIA Graphics Card and see if the NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue issue in Windows 10 still shows up or not.

If this method didn’t work and solve the issue, you will need to install the drivers manually. (See Method 3)

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Method 2: Kill all the “Nvidia Processes/Services”

Another reason why you might be facing the error is that there may be some Nvidia background services or processes causing a conflict.

So we need to kill all the Nvidia processes and then try running the installer.
Simply End all the NVIDIA process from Task Manager, then try to re-run the installation.

Here’s how you can Kill all Nvidia process in order to Fix NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue error in Windows 10, step by step:

Step 1: Open Task Manager by whichever method you are familiar with (Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc button at the same time or simply type task manager in the start menu search box or right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager)


Step 2: Navigate to the Processes tab, then locate and end all the Nvidia processes you see in the list. Once you kill the process, this stops all of the Nvidia services and processes that were running in the background.


Step 3: Once done, close the window and then try to re-run the installation of the graphics card and see if the error still shows up.

If the error doesn’t show up then congratulations. You have successfully fixed your issue and now you can leave this tutorial by leaving a comment.

For eg. Method 2 Worked, Thanks Kevin.

And If the error still irritates you, then try the other method…

Method 3: Update Nvidia Graphics Driver

If none of the above-mentioned easy methods worked for you, then updating your Nvidia driver will most probably fix NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue error in Windows 10.

Also, we all know that

Drivers have always been a top reason to cause troubles.

Anyways, to update NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Again Open Device Manager (Press Windows + X keys simultaneously, and then from the list that appears, click on Device Manager)


Step 2: Once again look for the Display adapters option, then click on it to expand its options. Right-click on the Nvidia Graphics card option, and select the “Uninstall Device Driver Software” option from the context menu. (Refer Image)


Step 3: Perform a reboot once the drivers are uninstalled in-order to save the changes we just made. (It’s important)

Step 4: After rebooting, again open Device Manager (step 1) & then Expand Display Adapters and right-click on the Nvidia Graphics card. Now simply click on “Update Driver Software


Step 5: Now, a new Update Drivers window will open. In the window, choose the first option i.e Search automatically for updated driver software option. (Make sure you’re connected to the Internet while performing this task)

Update in Auto mode to fix Nvidia Installer Cannot Continue

Step 6: Just Follow the installation instructions that will come on the screen to get your NVIDIA Graphics Card driver updated.

Step 7: Once the installation of the driver is complete, just restart your Windows. After restarting, try to Install NVIDIA Graphics Card and see if the same error shows up.

In case, it may happen that your Windows won’t be able to search for an updated NVIDIA Graphics Card driver.

If this is the case, you need to manually update the driver. Let’s Discuss How to do that…

Method 4: Update Nvidia Graphics Driver Manually

If in case, the above automatic method didn’t work then we need to manually do this job.

So to upgrade NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver Manually in order to fix the NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue error, first of all, you will need to download the latest compatible driver for your Nvidia graphics card on your computer.

And to do so, visit this NVIDIA – Download Drivers webpage. Here, you just need to provide the information such as Product Type, Product Series, and Product, etc about your graphics card along with the Operating System installed on your computer…


Once the driver is downloaded, follow these steps…

Step 1: Open Device Manager for the fourth time in this tutorial. (Press Windows + X keys at a time on your keyboard…)

Step 2: In Device Manager, once again click on the Display adapters option in order to expand it. Now, right-click on the NVIDIA Graphics Card option from the expanded list, then click on the Update driver option.


Step 3: From the next screen that appears, choose “Browse my computer for driver software”

Select Browse my pc for driver software

Step 4: Now, you will get an option to browse and load the updated Nvidia driver from your PC. Click Browse and select the driver you just downloaded from the NVIDIA Driver webpage. Click Next and just follow on-screen instructions to complete the Nvidia Driver installation.


Step 5: The last step is to just restart your computer and try one more time to install NVIDIA Graphics Card on your PC.

This method should work for you and the “Geforce installation cannot continue” error should be solved.

If not then please remember…

“Don’t be discouraged. It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock”

So let’s try another method to update the driver by finding the device ID of Nvidia Graphics Driver manually…

Method 5: Install Nvidia Drivers By Finding Device ID

There’s a possibility that the NVIDIA Graphics Card can be detected incorrectly. If this happens, then you may get installation failure with the error NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue in Windows 10.

So to fix this error, try this method by finding and manually entering Nvidia device ID on your computer. Here are the action steps.

Step 1: For the Fifth time, Open Device Manager.

Step 2: Again expand the list in the Display Adapters option. From the expanded list, right-click on the Nvidia Graphics Card option. But this time, Click on Properties option from the right-click menu.

Set Driver Properties to fix Nvidia Installer Cannot Continue

Step 3: Navigate to the Details tab in the Properties Window. Now, click on the drop-down list under the Property and select Hardware IDs

Step 4: The value box will now show the Hardware IDs and the numbers below which may confuse you, but hold on & read step 5.

Navigate to Details and Select Hardware ids

Let me explain these numbers… 

Step 5: The text you see after VEN is vendor code and the text after DEV is the device code. In the screenshot attached below, 10DE is the vendor code and 1180 is the Device code. (You’ll easily understand it, just look at the image)


Step 6: Now go to the Device Hunt website that lets you find and download drivers of devices with their device and vendor code. There, just enter the VEN and DEV codes of your NVIDIA Graphics Card.

Step 7: Let the website look for the latest driver compatible with your graphics card. Once done, it will give you download links.


Step 8: Now, download the graphics card driver found on the website.

Step 9: Install the driver exactly as shown in Method 4.

Step 10: After successfully installing the driver, Restart your PC and try to install the NVIDIA Graphics card on your computer and see if this works.

These were the 5 methods that work for most of the users, but in case any of the methods didn’t work then give these 3 methods a try…

Method 6: Uninstall everything Nvidia & Then Make a Fresh Installation

There’s nothing like the Classic Uninstall and Reinstall method. It’s a super easy method.

First, we’ll delete everything related to Nvidia from our PC and then do a clean install of the software.

Step 1: Follow the first three steps of Method 3 to uninstall the Nvidia graphics card drivers from your PC.

Step 2: Press the Windows key on the keyboard and search for Programs and Features (Some older windows version will have this as Add or Remove Programs)


Step 3: Click on it and now find and delete/uninstall everything with Nvidia in its name. You may need to restart your PC multiple times in the process but you should go ahead and do the needful.


Step 4: Once you are done removing everything related to Nvidia, do the fresh installation of the graphics card drivers.

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Method 7: Try Disabling the Antivirus Software

We all know that Antivirus software at times can hinder the installation of many services and softwares on your computer. So it may happen that the antivirus software is the cause of this error. 

Although this is not the case all the time, one must try to disable Antivirus or Malware when they get NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue error.

So, let’s try it…

Go to the System Tray of your PC. There, you will find the antivirus or malware that is currently running on your PC. You can disable the running antivirus from there.

Disable Antivirus to fix Nvidia Installer Cannot Continue

In order to make sure that antivirus is disabled, you must also End Process of running Antivirus services on your PC.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Start menu and type taskmgr. From the search result, click on the Task Manager option. (Or right-click on the taskbar and click Task Manager to open it)


Step 2: Now, Navigate to the Processes tab and look for the running services of your Antivirus. Select the Service and click on the End Process button.

Note: If you have multiple Antivirus or Malware installed on your PC, you must repeat the process for all of them & disable them.


Step 3: Now try to install your Nvidia Graphics card again. If nothing happens, restart your pc and then try to install the graphics driver.

Please Note: This will be a temporary pause of Antivirus or Antimalware on your PC. You should Enable your Antivirus once you are able to successfully install an Nvidia graphics card on your PC.

Method 8: Manually Add your Graphics Device ID in the INF Setup File (Video)

This method is very easy but it will take a lot of writing, so I have found the exact method in one of the youtube videos and hence I have attached it to save mine as well as your time.

Watch this video and follow the steps…


Why did “Nvidia Installer Cannot Continue” Error Show?

The common issue of Nvidia Users that “Nvidia Installer Cannot Continue” arises mainly because of

– A corrupted graphic card driver
– Outdated graphics driver
– & some unknown random errors here and there

Doesn’t matter what the causes are, there are some easy solutions available to fix this issue. Read this tutorial and get step by step guidance on how to solve this error.

How do I fix Nvidia Installer Failed?

First of all, let me share with you that this is a very common issue that Nvidia users face.

So don’t worry as I have 8 Easy Methods that can help you fix Nvidia Installer Failed/Cannot Continue in Windows 10.

1. Check whether the Nvidia Graphics Card is Enabled or Disabled
2. Kill all the “Nvidia Processes/Services”
3. Update Nvidia Graphics Driver
4. Update Nvidia Graphics Driver Manually
5. Install Nvidia Drivers by Finding Device ID
6. Uninstall everything Nvidia and Make a Fresh Install
7. Try Disabling your Antivirus Software
8. Manually Add your Graphics Device ID in the INF Setup File

Over to You

The above listed 8 methods are known to be proven methods that have solved the Nvidia installer cannot continue issue for the majority of the Nvidia users.

Although there are some other methods like renaming the Nvidia folder on your computer, using driver easy to install drivers, etc.

But by the end of this tutorial, your queries like:

  • Nvidia installer cannot continue windows 10
  • Geforce installation cannot continue
  • Nvidia Geforce experience installer cannot continue

Should be solved.

Anyways, If you are still having trouble with the installation, you should consider calling the customer support and let them have a look.

There’s one more option i.e to drop a comment down below and I & other people who land on this tutorial will try our best to help you.

If you’re reading this section, then I’m pretty much sure that you were motivated because of the quote & throughout this guide, you didn’t lose your hope and that’s the best outcome of this tutorial 😎

As of now, April 2020, these are the only solutions that you’ll find on most of the Tech sites as they are the only known and working methods.

So, whenever I come across a new working method, I’ll share it with TechStudio readers and also notify you in the mailbox. (I hope you are)

If you haven’t yet subscribed to TechStudio’s mailing list, then scroll down to the bottom of the page (in the footer) & just let me know your good name and working email so that I can mail you the solutions whenever available…

Lastly, I would request that If any of the above-mentioned methods worked for any of you, please let me know in the comments and if you have some more methods then they are also welcome…

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