TechStudio Disclosure

Like any other online business, I also need money to survive.

As I have mentioned in my about page that I’m a solo blogger, so don’t have any staff of editors, authors, designers that work at TechStudio. I try to provide in-depth guides, listicles, resources all alone. But I do take the help of freelancers for the development, graphics, etc work and have to provide them for their work.

Apart from paying to some of the freelancers, I also have to cover my hosting bills. So it’s mandatory for me to make money in order to cover all the operating & other costs.

As of now, I use two popular advertising mediums (Google Adsense & and I make money primarily through advertisements that you’ll be able to see within posts & sidebar. Aside from that, I use affiliate links in some of my blog posts, but you should know that I only promote products that I have used & will be helpful to TechStudio readers.


You may see 728×90 or 300×250 banner ads on my site from time-to-time. This helps me to earn a little income without sacrificing the user experience. I have also used the sidebar as an advert space.

Sponsored Posts

As of now, TechStudio doesn’t have any sponsored posts on the entire website.

But to be honest, I may accept sponsored posts in the future. Whenever you see “Sponsored” above/below the post title, you should assume that it is a sponsored post.

Mostly my posts, reviews are always unbiased and I will never do a review that isn’t helpful to my readers. You might also know that Sponsored posts are also a way of making money, if I accept & publish them in the future, then I’ll also make money from it.

Affiliate Links

I also use affiliate marketing as a revenue model to make money from affiliate links, but as I have mentioned above, I only promote products that I believe are helpful to TechStudio’s readers.

For example, list posts, reviews, and comparison posts usually contain affiliate links. So if you decide to buy the product from my links (mostly discounted links) then I may receive compensation from the company.

It’s just a win-win-win situation for all of us. You get discounts, the company gets sales and I get a little commission. It’s straightforward and simple, isn’t it?

I believe in transparency and hence I have mentioned everything a visitor needs to know while browsing TechStudio.

If you have any questions regarding this policy or your dealings with our website, please contact us here.

If you want to know more me, please visit the about us page.