Cox Webmail: How to Sign in + Reset Password + Take Backup

Brief: This simple guide will demonstrate how to correctly login to your cox webmail account.


Cox communications is a mighty internet service provider in the United States of America. Cable Internet, TV, digital phone services, etc are services Cox offers to their large user base. I’m sure you are one of them 🙂

If you apply for any Cox’s high-speed internet packages, you will be granted the Cox Email service absolutely for free! If you use their email service then this guide will show you how to correctly login to your Cox email account inbox page.

Do you know that Cox Webmail is a very good alternative for stereotype email providers…

Cox communication has the ability to provide one of the best internet services in the US, they are in this business since 1962, they know what a customer needs, no matter even it’s an internet or email service.

The Cox webmail interface will work on Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on computers regardless of operating systems like Windows or Linux.

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As for mobile devices, Android smartphones and tablets will require Chrome on Android version 4.1 or higher; Apple iPhone and iPad will require Safari on iOS 9 or higher.

As mentioned above that all Cox High-Speed Internet packages include Cox Webmail as a free service. With Cox Email, you receive:

  • 10 email accounts with up to 2 GB of storage each
  • Spam Blocker to keep spam and malware away
  • Ability to check your emails anytime from anywhere.

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Register for New Cox Webmail Account

You cannot get cox email services If you are not a cox user.

If you do not yet have an account, use this link and click on the Register Now link to Sign up for a Cox email account.

As an existing Cox’s customer, your information such as your address or account number, etc will be required for the Registration. Only existing customers get benefits to use the free Cox communications webmail service from anywhere in the world.

Cox Homepage

How to Sign in/Login into Cox Webmail East/West Residential

This is for those who are already a cox user and I know you are, so continue reading…

Usually, you don’t have to worry about if the Cox webmail login page is of east or west. Here’s why: When you access the default Coxwebmail login page, you will be automatically redirected to Coxwebmail East if you are visiting from the east coast; or Coxwebmail West if you are from the west coast.

It’s a location and a redirection game!

And If you want to manually visit Cox webmail east or west, you can use these links to access the coxwebmail pages:

Now, Let’s Login…

CoxWebmail Login Page
  • First, open the Cox Webmail login page
  • Now, Enter your User ID and password as requested
  • Select either Classic Webmail – with the classic interface, or Enhanced Webmail – newly implemented and improved interface. [Earlier]
  • The last step is to click on Sign In to log in to your Coxwebmail email account’s inbox page.

Pretty easy and straight forward. Right? But in case, what if you forgot your User ID or password? Read the guide provided here…

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Cox Webmail: How to Reset your User ID/Password

Sadly most of us forget password and few of us are scratching our head to remember User ID. Right?

It’s very simple to reset your password and User ID. Here’s how you can do…

  • On the login page, you can find options like Forgot User ID/Password and additional support option is always there.
  • Depending on what you have lost, click on that particular option.
  • If you have forgotten your password then you’ll need a user ID to reset your password
Using Reset my Password Option
  • And if you have forgotten your User ID then you’ll be asked to either enter your phone number, address or account number for further ID retrieval.
Using Forgot User ID option to Reset

How to Backup Coxwebmail Account?

The ability to back up information, including WebMail, purely depends on the type of Cox Internet account to which the user subscribes.

The four basic Internet access packages offered by Cox are the Essential, Preferred, Premier and Ultimate packages. Each of these packages comes with a different amount of storage space, ranging from 1GB to unlimited.

Whatever your account is,

Here’s how you can backup your coxwebmail account:

  • POP3 Access
  • Automated Backup

Backup using POP3 Access

One of the best methods for backing up Cox WebMail accounts is to enable POP3 access within each email account.

  • Simply Configure the account by selecting the “Enable POP3” option from WebMail’s main settings menu.
  • After configuring the WebMail account, set up the account in an email client such as Outlook or Mac Mail.
  • Now, let your email client do the work. Here’s how: The email client will pull a copy of all the incoming email messages from your Cox’s server, creating an easy backup of all the email messages.

Backup using Automated Backup Option

Cox also permits a user to choose an automated backup. This automated backup requires users to first authorize Cox to back up the WebMail accounts.

Automated backup represents the most streamlined method for backing up email messages. Users need to contact Cox to determine if this automated backup feature is available in their local areas or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Access my Cox Email?

First, turn your Internet Connection ON, and open any of the web browser and paste this url:

Now, all you need to do is
1. On the Login Page, fill in your details like My Account User ID and Password.
2. Now, Click on Sign In and you are all set! You got the access.

In case if you have forgotten your password, you can read this guide and reset your password easily!

How do I make COX my homepage?

Setting Cox as the homepage in firefox is super easy. Here are the steps:

1. Navigate to
2. Click the icon to the left of the Web address box, drag it to the home button, and then release it.
3. Now you’ll see the following dialog message: “Do you want this document to be your new home page?” Click on “Yes” to confirm your selection.

What to do if you Forgot Coxwebmail Password?

Forgetting your password, It’s very common…
The solution is simple i.e Reset.

Here you can find a complete guide on How to Reset your Password or Reset your User ID.

I know all this was very basic in today’s day and age, but just for the ones who don’t know about these basic things, I have provided a complete guide on How to Sign in to Cox webmail, How to Reset your Coxwebmail Password and How to Backup your Coxwebmail account.

I hope this simple guide helps, and if so, then do check out a few more tutorials and guides from me…

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