25+ Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online

Do you know I can read your mind? I know you love to watch Anime. Right?

However, you feel paying for them is too overrated and hence you are searching for anime streaming sites. I’m a Right?

Just Kidding. Here’s how I know…

The above google trends data clearly shows how many people in the US are searching for terms like anime websites. So it took my hidden common sense to figure out what you are looking for.

Just for your knowledge…

Do you know? In the United States, the monthly search volume for anime-related queries is more than 1M, Globally it’s 5M+.

The following queries will be solved in this post:

  • Best Anime Websites
  • Anime Streaming Websites
  • How to Watch Anime Online
  • And much more…

Before I begin with the list of 17+ Anime Streaming Sites, here’s little info about the subject…

The word ‘anime’ is the Japanese term for animation, which refers to all forms of animated media. In the world outside Japan, anime refers particularly to animation from Japan or as a Japanese-disseminated animation style often denoted by colorful graphics, vibrant characters, and fantastical themes.

The inaugural commercial Japanese animation dates back to 1917, and since then the Japanese anime production has continued to increase steadily…

The particular characteristic anime art style emerged in the 1960s with the works of Osamu Tezuka and spread internationally by leaps and bounds

and therefore,

I had to make a list of best anime streaming sites for you so that you can enjoy it without any worry.

Before proceeding further, here’s a table of content and a note for you…

The Best Way to Watch Anime Online is through Official websites, they might charge you a little. But, the best way to help the producers and the creators is by signing up-to-the particular website.

Here’s another note you must consider…

A lot of these types of websites are banned in the majority of the countries. That’s why you may need to use a VPN service to access the anime streaming sites.

List of the “Best Anime Streaming Sites

Here goes my list that’s not prepared on a ranking basis. First, I have listed down Official Anime Streaming Sites and later the free one which most of you may prefer.

Just note,

Each link will open in a new tab. Let’s dive in…

Official Anime Streaming Websites:

Here is the list of official anime streaming websites that you can prefer rather than watching anime illegally. Wait, I’m not forcing you. (I know you’ll skip on to the free section 😉 )

1. Crunchyroll (English Subbed Anime Site)

  • Crunchyroll is one of the Best + Legal websites that is available in almost every country.
  • It does have an option of premium membership, but a lot of episodes are available to stream for free as well. Free things make you Happy, Right?

  • The best part is it offers a decent number of free anime videos.
  • The free episode comes with three ad breaks and the video quality of 480p.

  • Crunchyroll offers a 14-Day Free Trial of Crunchyroll Premium that lets you watch unlimited anime from the 15th day at $6.95/month. Also, you can cancel that at any time.
  • It also offers Android and iOS-based Applications available for its mobile users.
  • You can watch series like Naruto free on Crunchyroll. Additionally, they have got proper servers with results in almost no lag.

2. Tubi TV (English Subbed Anime)

  • Tubi is an American streaming service based in San Francisco, California, United States, that was launched in 2014.
  • It is a viral website that offers movies and TV shows with dubbed and subbed anime.
  • It’s simple, clean interface and premium Dark UI makes it more appealing than other anime streaming sites.

  • It is a free, ad-supported service, with advertisements shown during commercial breaks in between programming.
  • They do not have some popular or favorite animes in their collection, but the shows hosted here are pretty good and enjoyable.

  • As mentioned above, it has a limited collection of animes, but its video quality is much better than most anime websites.
  • Tubi offers streaming anime movies and tv that you might love.

3. Funimation (Both Subs/Dubs Anime)

  • Funimation is an American entertainment company that focuses on the dubbing and distribution of foreign content, most notably anime.
  • It’s possibly the oldest anime streaming website.
  • Known as the global industry leader of extraordinary anime.

  • You can watch a subbed version, but you need to purchase the premium package in order to watch the dubbed version. They also offer a free trial.
  • You might need a VPN because it cannot be accessed in some or rather say most parts of the world. Currently, I’m in India, and unable to access the majority of these anime streaming sites. I guess you know it, right? 😌
  • Offers similar features like other anime websites, just make a visit and you’ll get to know.

4. Crackle (English Dubbed Anime)

  • Crackle is a familiar website for people paying Sony to watch Anime. It is owned by Sony and has some content to offer.
  • Sony Crackle is a US-based OTT platform. for Sony Pictures Entertainment.
  • It’s library consists of “original content” as well as programming acquired from other companies, as usual.

  • This anime website also provides an ad-free experience.
  • Sadly, the series is less, but the videos are of top-notch quality. We know Sony, they always provide high quality.
  • Anime streaming sites like these also offer TV shows and non-anime movies for free.
  • To access this anime streaming site you’ll need VPN 😒

FreeZone: Anime Streaming Websites to “Watch Anime for Free”

I know you were waiting for this section (mind-reading 😎 )

So, you are running out of money or you don’t wanna pay these premium official websites or they aren’t available in your region (Not available in India) but still, you wanna watch anime online, Right?

Yes, then here’s the list of Free Anime streaming websites where you can watch anime for free.

5. (Rated as the Best)

I doubt you’ll find an anime fan who doesn’t know about They never disappoint anime watcher, except for the captcha you have to go through, that too only once.

  • Either downloading or streaming, this website is known as one of the best anime streaming sites.
  • It has its community, active chat rooms, collections, etc.
  • Every type of animes including sub or dub versions are available.
  • The reason it’s the best anime streaming site is its fast loading speeds and configurable video quality.

  • It has the highest number of fans and rates high in popularity among ‘anime-enemies’.
  • It has a high-quality server that response almost immediately and also optimized for a wide variety of devices.
  • You will be able to stream and watch your favorite episodes for free and that too without registering on the site, but will not be able to download the episodes unless you register and participate in a community discussion.

6. 9Anime


Watch anime online free with 9Anime. It’s super fascinating to watch anime here as it filled with lots of anime shows.

  • Honestly, It’s one of the best HD anime streaming sites.
  • It provides a very user-friendly experience, their color scheme is beautiful & simple, black and purple. Nothing fancy.
  • Apart from watching and streaming, they also offer free downloads so that you can watch anime offline.
  • If you find anything missing in the series, you can request the support team for including your favorite anime shows. isn’t it great?

  • It has a giant database of the best anime series which you can sort via ‘Genre,’ ‘Date of Release,’ ‘Language’ ‘Categorical Type,’ etc.
  • The best part, it’s free, you don’t have to register yourself or pay for any monthly or yearly subscription. Hence, it’s a perfect fit for ‘anime sites to watch anime for free’.
  • As it’s a free site, ads are visible as it’s their source of revenue. But, when you compare it with other services it provides then the ads are really less.

7. Chia-Anime

  • Here at Chia-Anime, you can watch anime for free and also they provide download option to save it and watch anime later.
  • The best part, every video can be watched with HD resolution or the customary resolution of your choice. That’s something most of us desire, right?
  • The reason makes to my list of 27+ best anime streaming sites is its regularity in uploading content (which is fast) as compared to other anime streaming sites.

  • Even though It is a Japanese anime website, almost all the episodes are English subbed. All the episodes are given proper titles so that they can be appropriately arranged in the playlist for better user experience while watching.
  • Apart from anime, chia-anime also provides a range of manga comics, anime movies, and anime soundtracks.

8. Masterani

  • It’s one of the perfect for those who do not want to pay for premium memberships on the best anime streaming sites online.
  • The website offers free and unlimited access to a lot of anime series and movies. It has anime from different genres.
  • The video quality was satisfactory.

  • This anime website also provides subtitles in Japanese and English language.
  • They also have a review system by which you can review a video, post comments and help other users determine their preference.
  • At first, I thought there’s no ad interruption while navigating the site but sadly found them in between. So you have to tolerate ads in between episodes.

9. Gogoanime (Largest Free Anime site)

  • Gogoanime is available in all parts of this globe as it has got seven servers. I was able to access this site from India, so you might be able to watch anime from planet Mars only if you have internet there, Just Kidding 😆
  • Its interface is quite good and yes it’s user-friendly as well.
  • It really gives a fantastic streaming user experience with varied options.

  • It offers a great list of options to choose from. For example, ‘Genre,’ ‘Most Viewed,’ ‘Most Liked,’ ‘New Seasons’, etc.
  • The best part, you can download shows to watch the anime offline.
  • Gogoanime also offers dubbed anime in English for worldwide viewers.
  • Apart from all this, it has a “chat room” where you can interact with the community.

Here comes the “Fantastic Anime Zone” to Watch Anime Online for Free

10. AnimeFreak

  • Animefreak is more like a personal blog (just like TechStudio) and less like other official anime streaming website. The only reason it has a lot of information.
  • If you want to access this site then forget about user experience as graphic design is not the best one. Things are cluttered and not in a proper format.
  • The impressive thing is that it has a vast online catalog. (Includes even some exclusive ones)

  • Fortunately, It qualifies in the list of the best anime streaming sites because of its daily updates of new anime series and manga comics.
  • Point to consider: A new user might need some time to process all the information and tiny tags because things are not formatted.
  • To me, it feels like it’s a website run by a solo author just like me 😉

11. AnimeBam (Watch Anime Subbed and Dubbed in HD)

  • They say: “Watch Several Thousand Anime Online for free only at” and yes they mean it as they have a variety of Animes you can choose from and all Anime are available in HD and works well on mobile iPhone and Android devices.
  • This anime website is pretty sorted because of its simple and attractive interface. They use black-blue as their primary colors.

  • It is definitely a beginner-friendly website as it has clean interface + availability and options of different genres of anime.
  • AnimeBam easily qualifies in the list of best anime streaming sites because the dubbed series are marked with a green label and hence, it is very much easier for the user.
  • I can say it’s the most user-friendly website among this list of 27+ anime streaming sites.
  • Their description: “Stream over 45,000 legal, industry-supported anime episodes here on Anime-Planet. Create your anime list on Anime-Planet and we’ll keep your place when you watch videos on our site.” – Yes, it’s true!
  • Known as User-friendly and a popular anime website as it offers a variety of anime movies. Yes, they do…
  • I can say that its one of the best anime streaming sites because it has partnerships with widely used video streaming sites. More importantly, it’s a legal site, no hesitation in using it.

  • The site has an added feature which is known as, “My List”.
  • Just like youtube, It recommends you different series based on the kind of content you have consumed, this means they do collect your data.
  • Just like mine, they are also Google AdSense approved site, and similarly, they show advertisements but pretty less as compared to other free anime websites.

13. AnimeNova

  • It also among the best anime streaming sites because it is known as the dictionary of anime.
  • AnimeNova offers a huge list of the latest and updated episodes.
  • The home page is really simple and clutter-free.
  • The homepage includes 5 site links, they are 1. Dubbed Anime Movies, 2. Watch Anime Series, 3. HD Anime Movies, 4. HD Anime Series, 5. Anime Genres

  • The user interface is super beginner-friendly and they use a simple color scheme.
  • It loads quickly as this site uses text links instead of videos or images.
  • The website has no account limits which is again a benefit. Earlier, the site is doesn’t have any search bar. But, thankfully they have added a simple and attractive search box.

14.  AnimeHeaven

  • AnimeHeaven has an attractive layout, to begin with. It also contains a lot of anime episodes with subbed and dubbed versions. Additionally, It provides anime movies as well.
  • The ongoing item helps you to track down the current shows that have been added and are available for watching.
  • The series is adequately categorized with the genre, release time and number of episodes of the special series.

  • An additional benefit is the users of this community are active, so the discussion benefit is really useful.
  • Also, It’s easier to filter out the best anime rolling series. A good option.
  • Sadly, it’s not available in all parts of the world.

15. JustDubs

JustDubs is another online anime streaming website for watching and downloading the latest anime television series and movies for free. Its catalog has different genres from horror, drama, comedy, action, romance, mystery, thriller, and more.

I couldn’t access the site from India, so it’s more likely that you’ll need to use VPN services to access this site if it’s still alive. (I didn’t find any official links of this site)

16. Viewster

This site also offers anime series and movies for free as well. However, this website is known for providing non-anime movies. It has a decent collection of anime content, but the content here is a little old.

If you are a beginner in anime streaming sites, then you can start by watching the old ones. It has no ads and offers English subtitles for all episodes.

The plus point here is Viewster also has a mobile app available. This site may also need the VPN enabled.


Ani_anime_streaming_site is a new anime website on the block. The best part about this site is that it features all the licensed U.S anime movies.

Here’s the description you’ll find on their website: “Memorize as the easiest and most memorable way to watch anime online. Watching is absolutely free. Subscribe and be a part of supporting Japanese anime companies! Support local anime-centric events and join a community of fans worldwide.”

Thankfully it contains new anime series. It’s a well-designed website with an attractive playback window and it’s easy to navigate the site.

The shows are also properly organized which helps in finding different episodes. Means easier navigation (just mentioned above)

For better user experience, the website offers a search tab that can be filtered with popular or new anime series.

The site has some ads, I guess Infolinks. The only problem with this one is that the website does not stream in all countries.

Other Anime streaming sites

Seriously, there is no end to the sites which offer you anime, but on the basis of our analysis and research, I have listed above the Top 17 anime streaming sites with a little description.

You can access the whole list above…

If you still want some more anime streaming and downloading sites then here they are.

Other than the top 17 sites mentioned above, you can also make use of

18. Anilinkz

19. SoulAnime










Over to You

Ah! Finally, I have stopped my list here.

I can make a huge list of best anime streaming sites but, the reason I haven’t is that I know you want the best and free anime streaming sites, which I have already included, so it will be a waste of time for both of us.

I know most of you will directly click on the anime sites listed first and if it looks good to you then I’m damn sure that you gonna close this post, mind reading 😉

That’s the reason I have restricted it to 28 anime sites only…

Another reason is,

Many other anime streaming sites are usually taken down because of them being unlicensed.

However, this particular list contains legitimate anime websites that let you stream for free…

Now you have the list of free anime streaming sites, just make sure you have high-speed internet data as these streaming sites consume a lot of data.

If you have any other queries related to anime streaming sites, please comment it below. I will respond and try to give the best possible answer.

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