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I know my tutorials are about Windows & Tech related, but can we be real for a sec? If yes, here’s about me & my blog…

I’m Kevin Racicot, who has destroyed multiple computers by trying & testing things learned from YouTube videos and different blogs 😜

In the past 2-3 years, I’ve been trying & testing different-different things that no one cares about & hence my Windows have suffered a lot (Me too, from my Dad 😜)

But in this trying & testing process, I’ve learned a lot. As I used to damage things first, I had to find solutions to recover my data, & get my PC running again, and now after fixing things for a while (almost a year), I decided to share it with the world.

And, that’s why I decided to start something where I can share my stuff. So, I took the time to figure out some mediums & found platforms like YouTube, Medium, Quora, etc to be the best.

I was already frustrated with YouTube (because of misleading tutorials) & also, never wanted to face the camera (Yes, I’m a shy guy, read a few more random facts about me), so I decided to go with other mediums. Long story short, I found creating a website to be the best platform & as I was already good in writing (yes, I did freelancing work for a while), I decided to build a website.


For around 6 -8 months, I researched a lot about How to start a website and a lot of related things, then finally after setting up everything, I built my first professional looking blog TechStudio (seriously, it took 3-4 months) to share some tested & working methods on Windows-related problems. Want to know more?

Here’s a little connection to the story…

After reading a handful of blogs, I came to know that I’m blogging (although Solo) which was a wow factor for me. I had heard of it back in 2017-18, but never had the curiosity to learn about it.

But things have changed now, you know it’s like a home business, so leaving my repairing, customization & some freelance work, I started digging in the topic, invested some money & finally launched my first blog (by the way, TechStudio was launched on 9th Dec 2019)

I will learn more about this blogging & world in the upcoming time, but for now, I can say that I’m loving what I’m doing. Right from designing my blog to writing the content of my interest, everything is amazing & much better than my past work.

Not a professional one, but I do call myself a Blogger (as tech enthusiast or geek is very common & wanted a new label). So from now onwards, you too identify me as a Blogger or to be more precise, call me a Tech-blogger 😜

Here on TechStudio, I write about Windows, How-to guides, tech, marketing, Internet-related and everything in between that excites me. (Yes, nowadays, I’m in love with WordPress, so it may become a category in the future 😉)

Outside of that, I’m equally passionate about the financial markets, self-development materials, and I also spend a lot of time doing random things. (Check out, 51+ random facts about me)

Whenever I turn on my Router, I try to be productive & do my tasks efficiently. But just like others, I also get distracted by __ clips (you know what I mean 😜).

So I found a good solution to that, i.e productive chrome extensions. I installed them asap & have been using them for a long-time. My productivity went up & results have improved, I have shared some of those extensions in this post, if you want to know those useful extensions, then do check this post.

Check Out: 21+ Productivity Chrome Extensions that helped me to Boost my Productivity & Stay Focused

Lastly, I would like you to Connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest & also request you to either Like TechStudio’s Facebook Page or Subscribe to my Newsletter. (PS: I hate spammers too)

Also, if you have read it till here, then you may desire to know more about me. If yes, then you can check out 51+ random facts about me here). The reason I have kept the about me section a little short, as this page holds some value & reputation of the site, so no bullshit here 😉

So that was just a summary about me, I can write more 1000 words, but kept it short and sweet.

Anyways, now let’s talk a little about what I have built i.e my Professional Blog but before that here’s my editorial philosophy…

I believe that this is the most important section of this page & also the entire website. You need to know my “strong” editorial philosophy that I follow.

  • I don’t follow any publishing schedule
  • I don’t sell any links for SEO
  • I don’t sell sponsored posts for SEO.
  • If any, I’ll disclose paid links and posts.
  • My blog doesn’t exist for affiliate marketing.
  • I don’t publish blog posts only to attract more traffic.
  • I don’t use viral titles just for the sake of getting more social shares (I hate it)
  • I publish my content with clarity and transparency. Also, I credit the source.
  • I don’t please brands (for $$$).
  • I try to publish blog post (although very few) that has something for my readers (not to increase the post count).
  • Lastly, I only place some ads to generate a side income from this blog (using simple advertising)
TechStudio is a Quality WordPress based blog (yes, at least by design), Built and Designed for whoever visits 😜
Jokes apart, it’s basically for those in need. I mean whenever you’ll find yourself in some problems (related to windows) and want an urgent solution to your problems, TechStudio & Kevin (me) will be your go-to solution.
As mentioned above, I write about “How-to fix” & similar guides which are filled with multiple solutions that will help you to solve your problems. So summing it up, you can consider TechStudio as a Technology, Windows, Mashups & How-to related blog.

If you have ever asked yourself or Google:

  • How can I do __ in Windows 10?
  • How can I install __ in Windows 10?
  • How do I fix __ in Windows 10?
  • What is the Best Free __ for Windows 10?
 Or something related questions especially with the term “Windows 10”, then you’ll find it here!

As mentioned above, I write about Windows topics the most on TechStudio but also note that I don’t limit myself. You may find something off-the topic content as well (I hope you remember why)

Apart from that, I would like to share that I don’t follow any publishing schedule at TechStudio (but I try to publish new useful blog posts as often as I can).

Did I mention that I often update my content? Yes, it’s something that I try to do regularly as I prefer making my archived blog posts up-to-date, then creating fresh content.

I’m here just to help you with Topics like Customization, Error Fixes, How to’s and Tutorials for Windows, Security, and other Internet-related things.

Just note that I’m not an expert, but honestly speaking, I’m deeply interested in the topics I write about & also they are well researched (you can trust the info).

Being honest, is a difficult task, but I’m a man of integrity, so I’ll be honest and transparent with you all…

I do take reference, images, videos from other sites to provide the Best content on TechStudio. “It makes no sense to create everything by yourself when you have the exact thing available”. (I don’t know who said this but I follow it 😉)

I mention that wherever required and possible, I have quoted the sources on my tutorials, articles. Microsoft, its Websites, the Knowledge derived from its Forums, and its Knowledge Bases have been a great influence and an inspiration, which has gone in making this website. But I improvise it and make it easier to understand by writing in a friendly tone 😉

Even though I’m not a professional in this field, but I share whatever I have gained in this field with honesty.

As the saying goes, “Knowledge Grows Only When It Is Shared”

I believe in it and that’s what I do here. Nevertheless, if you believe that any copyright infringement exists on this Website, rest assured it has been caused inadvertently. Please drop me an email along with the details. 

All product names, logos, copyrights, and trademarks mentioned are acknowledged as the registered intellectual property of their respective owners.

This site is not in any way affiliated with, nor has it been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by, Microsoft Corporation.

I’m not responsible for any system crash or data loss that might have caused after following guides on TechStudio (Although we do have solutions for data loss and other issues 😉)

It is always best to Create a System Restore Point or System Image Backup before trying anything new. While I may not have mentioned it, where required, you may have to ‘Log-in as Administrator’ or ‘Run as Administrator’, to carry out or execute particular tasks.

Also, note that all the information & tips offered on this website are provided on an ‘as-is’ basis without any warranties. The author (me) shall not be liable for any special, incidental, consequential, or indirect damages due to loss of data or any other reason.

But if you get into any trouble, you are always welcome to contact me.

A personal Oath

Fully dedicated to the Best solutions

I'm fully dedicated to providing the best solutions, and hence I take time to publish my guides & tutorials. As a result, I have published very few contents until now. But soon, I'll bring more valuable guides & tutorials. I have just started, so there's a lot more to come on TechStudio. Just stay tuned for Updates. For that...

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